Chainlink May Soar Beyond $14: Price Consolidates Before Bullish Breakout

• Chainlink (LINK) is experiencing consolidation below crucial levels, flashing bullish signals.
• Whale accumulation has been increasing steadily indicating a potential price surge in the near future.
• If the bulls are able to break past $10, LINK may soar beyond $14 with further bullish confirmation.


Chainlink (LINK) has been trading within a consolidated area, accumulating strength to trigger a massive upswing. It has been hovering below $10 for over a year now and after facing multiple rejections, a rise above these levels has become mandatory. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s (BTC) price remains stuck within a range and altcoins are displaying huge bullish momentum.

Whale Accumulation Spikes Up

Whale accumulation is considered one of the biggest indicators to determine upcoming price action. With growing speculation over the LINK price for the past few days, Chainlink’s GitHub development activity spiked heavily earlier. Moreover, whales and sharks holding 100K to 10M have been accumulating LINK heavily for over a month now. According to data from Santiment, addresses holding 1 million to 10 million links now hold nearly 168 million LINK which is the highest in recent times.

Price Targets

It can be seen that LINK faces constant rejections from upper resistance just below $10 since May 2022 rally breakdowns. If bulls manage to break through this level, there may be an opportunity of it surging beyond $14 with further bullish confirmation.

Technical Indicators

The technical indicators suggest that LINK is likely seeing more bullish pressure than bearish pressure in its current market condition as per the Bollinger Bands indicator on 12-hour charts which shows convergence at press time while Relative Strength Index stays neutral at 50 median line but slightly tilted towards buying pressure side as it moves higher by 2% on intraday charts at press time suggesting bulls are dominating in short-term trend and could result in price breaching above $10 soon if buying sentiment continues rising among traders and investors alike in coming sessions/days ahead of us on charting timeframe perspective .


Considering all factors such as whale accumulation, technical indicators and increasing volume – it appears that Link could be close to breaking out of its current consolidation pattern and heading towards an upward trajectory soon if bulls continue providing support on upside direction which could open up new possibilities for investors looking for strong returns from their investments going forward in digital asset markets around world right now .