Monat: Februar 2023


Bitcoin Price Set to Surge 30% and Hit $30K: Analysis

Summary Bitcoin (BTC) price continues to struggle below $23,500 as the crypto space remains consolidated. Some analysts are still bullish on Bitcoin and believe it can hit $30,000 in 4 weeks. Some analysts still believe BTC could rebound from its current consolidation and reach $30,000. Current Situation of Bitcoin Price Bitcoin price today began with […]


Solana Poised to Make Big Move: Can it Breakout Today?

•Solana’s price was speculated to be dead after suffering a large drop due to the FTX fiasco. •The token quickly rebounded, rising more than 200% since the beginning of the year and has just broken the crucial resistance levels between $25 and $26. •The current breakout is assumed to be the most significant one as […]


Cheelee: The Crypto Market’s Answer to Winter’s Chills

• The crypto market is in desperate need of fundamental projects that will pull it out of the crypto winter. • Cheelee project offers a full-fledged implementation of decentralized technologies and pays viewers for their attention. • Cheelee has raised $22.45 million from venture capitalists and is targeting a multibillion-dollar audience of social media users. […]